Samstag, 28. Juli 2018

The last day

On Friday was our last day.
I was really happy about that because I miss my home and my family very much. I am also happy that we are flying back tomorrow.
I had to work like always but Francesca one of the managers allowed me to go earlier home.
They gave me a card which every member of our team has signed. It was so sweet! I will really miss them and will visit them when I come to London again.
Actually Alex and I wanted to go to have our last drink and to celebrate that we finished but the weather was so bad! It was really rainy and stormy so we decided to stay at home and to pack our stuff.
Right now we are again in the City of London.
We were at the M&M's shop and now we are going again to the Tower Bridge.
In the evening Marco, Alex and I want to eat in the Flat Iron restaurante because the last time should be good!

In fact I really enjoyed the time in London and would like to come back again. It is a beautiful city with many kind people and great food but I don't think that I could live here.

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