Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2018

One day in the world from Harry Potter

Today was our free day because we worked on the weekend. This day was the best day of our time here. We made the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour. The day started early in the morning. We had to drive a long way to the studios. I mean it was more then a houre. After the long drive with the overground we had to wait on the shuttle to the Studios. After 15 or 20 minutes we were there. It was so amazing. We got our tickets and a Harry Potter passport

And then came the moment when we could go in. Everytime when I saw things from the movie my heart was jumping. I love Harry Potter. Laura had the same feelings like me. We booked the BIG Tour. So we had a presentation about the making of the costumes and the story behind. It was very interesting. After that we tried the wizard robe of the actors from the different houses. 

Laura and I made a little bit fun and everybody in this room looked at us. That was unpleasant but funny. 
After that we went around and saw all the amazing things from the movie. I think picturs will say more then thousand words.

After the first round we tried butterbeer. We didn't liked it. It was to sweet. And then we found the room with the castle from Hogworts. That was all a lie!!! The castle isn't real and the actors wasn't really there. That was all special effects. The castle is a model. But when we saw the castle we both get goose bumps. At the behind was the soundtrack from the movie and we almost started to cry with joy. 

 So then we were in the gift shop. I bought a t-shirt from Gryffindor and Laura from Slytherin. This day was so amazing and unbelievable. Now we are very tired and go sleep. I hope you enjoyed my last article. In four days we will fly back. See you back in Germany.

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