Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2018

Round two

It is our third week. The time is going so fast. Today it wasn't so busy in the shop. At the mornig I was behind the till. I helped some customers with the clothes and other things.
After the break, I were downstairs and steamed the new priced clothes. Our shop manager Erica is in the holiday also we have a representative shop manager. I don't like him... It is his second day and he tries to do every thing different than I have learned.
After the work I met Laura at the Westfield shopping mall.

We made our second shopping tour. At first we needed a small boost.

It was so delicious 😍 I loved it so much. I had a passion fruit frozen yogurt with chocolate and strawberrys. Laura had a mango frozen yogurt with cookie and cream and pineapple. After that we went to the shops. We bought a lot of things. Some products for the care and some clothes. The shopping mall was opened until 10 pm. But the time wasn't enough. We haven't seen everything. We need to vistit the Mall for a second time!
At the way home we saw a wild fox. It was so amazing. But unfortunately we haven't got a picture.

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